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Celebrating Neurodiversity

East Bay ADHD
Psychology & Assessment

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My specialties are:
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

  • Gifted, Talented, and Twice Exceptional (2E)

  • Learning Disorders (like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia)

Services for people aged seven through seniors. 


I conduct neurodiversity affirming thorough psychological and neuropsychological assessments and write comprehensive reports that can be used for interventions and/or workplace or educational accommodations. I also provide IQ testing as requested by some private schools. ​

Advocacy & Accommodations

I identify specific and actionable accommodations for you or your child. These often take the form of 504 or IEP plans or workplace supports. I help you advocate so you can get these enacted.  

Coaching & Education

I provide customized education and coaching for you and/or your child. This can include educating caregivers to use validated techniques to manage your neurodiverse child as well as planning, organization, and other tips and tricks for symptom management.

What Clients Say


"I truly believe that Kim doesn't just think of her job as a bunch of tasks to be done, but as a way to genuinely support and empower those who are wired differently." 

★★★★★ ~ Yelp review, 6/10/22

"Kim Thompson was amazing to work with during a very vulnerable time for me and my daughter. Kim was kind and thoughtful during the assessment process and managed to connect with my daughter so she felt comfortable and seen. The evaluation report was super thorough and included many helpful suggestions for how to better support my daughter at home and at school. I can’t recommend Kim highly enough. -- Parent of client

"As the parents of two special needs children, we have worked with numerous mental health professionals. Our kids have had more than their fair share of arduous assessments done. The experience we had working with Kim showed us what those experiences should look like. She is truly the gold standard. She was able to build an instant rapport with our child and with us. She is deeply committed to the families with whom she works and genuinely seems to have the best interest of the child as her North Star. She made all of us feel heard, valued, and validated. She was extremely accommodating with scheduling. The final report was exhaustive and well-written. We count ourselves lucky for having been able to work with Kim."  -- Parent of client

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help with my 504 plan and testing at the beginning of the year. I was really nervous about going into this semester without the proper academic accommodations because our professors spent all last year forewarning us how challenging it would be. With your help, I was able to be my most successful academic self and finished with all As for the first time since starting college 4 years ago. I cannot thank you enough for helping me create a plan that allows me to thrive and get the most out of my education. Thank you so much for everything you do, your support was life-changing!" -- Client 

"I wish everyone we’ve met on this journey had the empathy and kindness you’ve shown." -- Client

"We were in need of finding someone to psychologically evaluate our son and we were lucky to have found Kim. Her intake screening process was thorough and made us feel comfortable working with her.  More importantly, our son developed a trusting relationship with Kim that made his evaluation easy and effective.  She was accommodating and accessible both during and after the evaluation, and even after the final report was completed.  She has made herself available for follow-up questions and help.  We know she genuinely cared about our son’s journey and would absolutely recommend her. We are thankful for the role she played in our son’s care. --- Parent of Client

I offer both virtual & in-person appointments. See details on East Bay ADHD's Berkeley, CA, office.

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