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Kim Thompson, PhD
East Bay ADHD Psychology & Assessment, APC

East Bay ADHD

Assessments, Coaching, and Psychotherapy

Kim Thompson, PhD, ABSNP
- Clinical Psychologist
- Board Certi
fied in School Neuropsychology
- Berkeley, CA

With a bit of guidance, you can learn to embrace your ADHD, Autism, or Learning Disorder as a vital and valuable part of who you are. Just like every fingerprint is different—every brain is different. The actual challenges of being neurodiverse come from being in an environment that doesn’t support who you are. At East Bay ADHD, we’ll identify the ways in which the things that make you unique can become your greatest source of creativity and strength.

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My specialties are:

Services for People Aged 7 and Older

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Psychotherapy

  • ADHD Coaching

What Colleagues Say:

"Kim is warm, professional, smart, and dedicated to helping neurodivergent kids and adults. I love her passion for her work. As a fellow mental health provider, I feel confident that those I refer to her for either psychological assessment or therapy are well cared for."

--- Therapist

"I appreciate Dr. Thompson's warm approach and nuanced knowledge of A.D.H.D. presentations as well as myriad others. I am always happy to send folks her way confident that they will be in good hands."

--  Therapist

Neuropsychological Assessments for Adults

Some people have gone their whole lives feeling like they can’t fit into “normal” society without knowing why—until they receive a diagnosis that helps them to make sense of their experiences. Being diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, or a Learning Disorder doesn’t need to define you, but it often provides the clarity you need to address that nagging sense that things just aren’t adding up. I conduct thorough neuropsychological assessments and write comprehensive reports that can be used for interventions and/or workplace or educational accommodations. As needed, we may wish to follow up with emails or additional debriefing sessions.


Neuropsychological assessments for children

A child who is struggling in school can experience heightened emotions and compounding issues—and the thought of being “tested” is often quite frightening! I pride myself on helping children 7 and older to settle in and enjoy the experience of engaging puzzles and games. As the mother of a girl with ADHD, I appreciate how important it is to create a space that feels safe and calm. With a diagnosis in hand, children and teens can finally access the 504 plan or Individual Education Programs (IEP) that will enable them to focus on the things that bring them joy and fulfillment.


Psychotherapy for adults

As a woman who lives with ADHD—and whose career has centered on supporting people under the neurodiversity umbrella—I know a thing or two about making therapy especially user-friendly and adaptable to the uniqueness of each person. My clients appreciate being encouraged to take the time they need to process our conversations. Something to know about my approach: even when we’re focusing on concerns like anxiety, depression, and day-to-day challenges, neurodiversity will be the unifying theme of our work. With this as our lens, we’ll discuss strategies and skills that will enable you to meet your life goals, maintain vital relationships, and experience personal growth.

Outside my window there are two oak trees—and even though they’re right next to one another, they’re still different. That diversity is actually really important for the survival of that oak tree species—just like the diversity of our brains is important for the survival of our species. Neither oak tree and neither brain is better than the other--- they're just different from each other. Besides, I think it’s a good thing all of our brains aren’t identical—don’t you?

ADHD Coaching for Adults

Working together, we identify specific and actionable goals for you related to ADHD and create stepping stones towards those goals. I provide accountability along the way. 

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