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Kim Thompson, PhD
East Bay ADHD Psychology & Assessment, APC

East Bay ADHD

Assessments and Psychotherapy

Kim Thompson, PhD, ABSNP
- Clinical Psychologist
- Board Certi
fied in School Neuropsychology
- Berkeley, CA

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My specialties are:

Services for People Aged 7 and Older

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Psychotherapy

  • Advocacy & Accommodations

What Colleagues Say:

"Kim is warm, professional, smart, and dedicated to helping neurodivergent kids and adults. I love her passion for her work. As a fellow mental health provider, I feel confident that those I refer to her for either psychological assessment or therapy are well cared for."

--- Therapist

"I appreciate Dr. Thompson's warm approach and nuanced knowledge of A.D.H.D. presentations as well as myriad others. I am always happy to send folks her way confident that they will be in good hands."

--  Therapist

Neuropsychological Assessment

I conduct thorough neuropsychological assessments and write comprehensive reports that can be used for interventions and/or workplace or educational accommodations. 


I'm passionate about empowering woman--identifying and gender-queer adults with ADHD to flourish and live their best lives, not despite having ADHD, but because of it. I help you work through issues related to ADHD, like struggles with work or relationships, anxiety, and depression. Together we will find targeted solutions to specific problems you're experiencing. I have a warm, supportive, neurodiverse-affirming style, and welcome People of Color and LGBTQIA2s+ people.

Advocacy & Accommodations

I identify specific and actionable accommodations for you or your child. These often take the form of 504 or IEP plans or workplace supports. I help you advocate so you can get these enacted. 

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