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Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance

My fees are based on the usual and customary rates for psychologists in the Bay area.


For assessments the fee is split into two equal installments. The first installment is due after the consultation (before I send the intake forms and once you've decided to work with me) and the second installment is due in advance of the clinical interview. The fees include all emails, interviews, assessment instruments, etc: they are all-inclusive. Please note I only work with people aged seven and up.

For therapeutic services I will provide you with a monthly superbill with CPT codes for you to pay and then you can submit it to insurance. Most insurance companies reimburse therapeutic services to some degree. My fee is $200; if your insurance pays 60%, your portion would be only $80; if your insurance pays 80%, your portion would be only $40 (after submitting to insurance). 

Important to note:

For Assessments:

I only provide receipts for a flat- fee payment- I do not provide breakdowns according to hours or CPT codes. 


Therapy or Coaching: $200 per 45 minute session (virtual or in-person)

IQ Testing for Private School Admissions (raw data but no report) $900

Psychological Screening Without Report: $3000

Psychological Screening With Report $4300

Neuropsychological Assessment Without Report: $4700

Neuropsychological Assessment With Detailed Report: $6200

Insurance Information

I am not part of any insurance panels and am a cash-pay practice. I provide superbills and CPT codes for Therapeutic services, but I can only provide an invoice for Assessment services.  

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