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Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance

My fees are based on the usual and customary rates for psychologists in the Bay area.  The fee is split into two equal installments. The first installment is due after the consultation (before I send the intake forms and once you've decided to work with me) and the second installment is due in advance of the clinical interview. The fees include all emails, interviews, assessment instruments, etc: they are all-inclusive. Please note I only work with people aged seven and up.

Important to note: I only provide receipts for a flat-fee payment- I do not provide breakdowns according to hours or CPT codes. Insurance companies often will not cover services if there is no CPT code, so please proceed under the assumption that your assessment will not be covered by insurance if you work with me (and this is frequently the case with many of my colleagues as well). I can provide you with a receipt of payment, but it will not include CPT code or individual hours information.  

Psychological Screening vs Neuropsychological Assessment

Here is a great article illustrating the difference between Psychological Screening and Neuropsychological Assessment. Psychological Screening is focused on diagnosis: does someone have a disorder or not. It doesn't get deeply into the nuances of how that disorder manifests specifically in you or your child, and does not provide sufficient information for suggesting accommodations. I often use this in the context of consultations- if a clinician is "stuck" and knows there is something else going on with their client, but can't put their finger on what is causing the client to remain stuck they will consult with me for a Psychological Screening. A Psychological Screening can uncover ASD, anxiety disorders, or learning disorders that might otherwise go unrecognized. A Neuropsychological Assessment is more thorough, takes more time, and results in customized accommodation recommendations. It includes topics like: Intellectual Abilities, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Abilities​, Executive Functions and Problem Solving. It provides far more specific content about you or your child's strengths and developmental areas leading to targeted interventions. I also provide an answer to this on the FAQ page


IQ Testing for Private School Admissions (raw data but no report) $900

Psychological Screening Without Report: $2500

Psychological Screening With High Level Report $3200

Neuropsychological Assessment Without Report: $4200

Neuropsychological Assessment With Detailed Report: $5800

Insurance Information

I do not accept insurance (I am not part of any insurance panels). I provide proof of payment only. Insurance panels (or submitting CPT codes) force me to charge you hourly, which often ends up at a price tag that is 1.5- 2 times the flat fee cost. I do not work with or provide CPT codes. Thus I will not provide superbills but I can provide a receipt should you choose to pursue that route. By scheduling a consultation or an assessment with me you acknowledge that I do not supply superbills. 

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