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Advocacy & Accommodations

You may not realize it, but having ADHD or other forms of neurodiversity often qualifies you or your child for accommodations. Many children with ADHD or neurodiverse brains qualify for school accommodations (504 or IEP plans) such as time and a half on exams or preferential class seating. These accommodations aren't limited to K-12- in fact they can be implemented for college students as well as for standardized testing (SAT, ACT, AP). My reports help provide evidence for the necessity of accommodations and I can support you or serve as your advocate as you work with often challenging and bureaucratic school systems. Many kids with neurodiverse brains (especially ADHD) often have parents who are similarly neurodiverse, so even if you are initially reaching out on behalf of your child there may be ways I can support you as well.  


If you are an adult with ADHD or a neurodiverse brain, my reports can support workplace accommodations such as later start times and I can serve as your advocate as you work with your HR department to get them in place. 

Click below to schedule time on my calendar for a free consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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